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Installation Rules

Installation Rules Course-Exam Only for 2024

Installation Rules Course-exam only is for students who are already in possession of their own study material and they only want to write their final exams.

Background of Installation rules course

Installation rules is the course needed for a person who is to qualify as an installation electrician. The course mainly requires students to have in-depth knowledge of the SANS 10142: the wiring of premises for Low-voltage installations textbook.

The final exams for the installation rules course

The exams are conducted by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and the students receive a statement of results which is the one needed for the application for Installation Technician. The exams for installation rules are written three times in a year. These are:

  • March/April exams
  • July/August exams
  • November exams

Conditions of passing the exams

The following are the conditions for passing the final exams

  • The candidates must pass PAPER 1 as well as PAPER 2 with a minimum pass 50% each. This means the pass mark for both papers is 50% and above. Anything lower is considered a fail
  • Students have a choice on how they want to write the exams. Both examination papers may be written during the same examination period. Candidates need not pass both examination during the same trimester, but the second examination must be passed within 12 months of the first, otherwise both examinations must be rewritten. This means once a student has written the first exam and passed it, or write both exams and only passed one of them, the student must ensure that they write the outstanding subject within the next three exam sittings (12 months). Failure to do so will forfeit the result of the passed exam and the student must start afresh.
  • If a candidate obtains 75 marks or more out of 100 in any one of the examinations, he/she will be permanently exempted from re-writing that examination and a statement will be issued to this effect.

Reason for doing installation rules

The main reason that makes students write installation rules as previously mentioned is for them to qualify as an installation electrician. The application process is handled by the Department of Labour. You can get more information on the criteria needed here

Installation rules course-exam only

Most students are either in possession of their own study material or they have already written the course and want to re-write. Such students only need to apply for the final exam hence the provision made to support such students. It is possible for a student to apply for the exam only. At Ekurhuleni Technical College we do offer installation rules course-exam only

Fees payable for exam only

The fees payable for the exam only installation rules includes the following:

  • Registration fees (which is a once of payment)
  • Exam fees per subject. Please note that once a student fails to sit for the registered subject, they will forfeit their exam fees and will need to pay again to be registered for the next exam sitting.

Statement of results from DHET

The results are issued by Department of Higher Education and Technology (DHET) and sent to the college the student registered. The first results are combined results which are only given for the purposes of notifying the student if they passed or failed. This helps students to made proper planning-whether to apply for re-write or move on to the next stage once passed. The first results usually are released a month after the final exams finished. The college creates an internal result to notify the students of their outcome.

The second part involves the actual issuing of statement by DHET. This takes a month or so after the first results were released. These are estimated times and are subject to change depending on the term and delays at times do happen.

What to do next-registering for Installation rules with Ekurhuleni Technical College in 2024

Consider registering for the installation rules course-exam only for 2024 with Ekurhuleni Technical College and achieve your goals in qualifying as an installation electrician. To register, you need to send us your completed registration form together with a copy of your ID as well as your proof of payment.